The Paranormal Adventurers
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Paranormal Adventurers

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Joseph Flammer & Diane Hill
The Paranormal Adventurers...
The Paranormal Adventurers should be included in your list of entertaining shows
to be featured at your library. The shows are well-attended and well-received
because they are fun and interesting. Audience participation is encouraged.
Joseph Flammer
Diane Hill
To book a program, write Mr. Flammer at
Books By Flammer & Hill
To book a program, write Mr. Flammer at
...and they’ve got tales to tell about things that go bump in the night! Maybe you’ve
seen them on television or heard them speak at a library recently or before a
historical society, or read about them in newspapers. Maybe you read articles
they've written in
Fate Magazine,Haunted Times Magazine, Ghost  Magazine, The
Long Island Advance Newspaper
in Patchogue, or Dan’s Papers in the Hamptons.
They are Long Island’s most famous pair of ghost hunters! They have
investigated haunted woods at dusk, graveyards at midnight, and creepy haunted
houses to reveal the ghosts that dwell there. Mr. Flammer and Ms. Hill are
entertaining speakers with an hour-long presentation about their spooky
experiences, complete with movies showing what they do at haunted locations
and even haunting music to go with some of their videos!
 The Paranormal
have their own equipment, including a laptop, PA system and a
projector (with sound) that can be used on a bare wall if no screen is available.