Read how Joseph and Diane discovered graveyard ghost hunting through a haunting at an historic cemetery
as featured in the March 2005 edition of
Haunted Times Magazine.
Joseph Flammer and Diane Hill have written
numerous articles and currently speak at
libraries and conferences about their ghost
hunting experiences.
To contact Joseph Flammer:
Diane Hill and Karen Mossey discuss EVP
recording. Mossey's recordings are heard in the
WHITE NOISE and on the television show,
To contact Diane Hill:
Joseph in Canada's northern
Maritimes - a hunt for the
ghosts of pirates.
Diane at the The Red Lion Inn, a
bed and breakfast in Stockbridge,
Massachusetts.  Her quiet getaway.
The Chelsea Hotel Investigation
New York City
Joe at Pirates Cove, Indian  
Island Park, Long Island
Joseph Flammer poses
with Pat Fitzhugh, famed
author of books about the
Bell Witch, in front of
historical designation sign
about the Bell Witch in
Adams, Tennessee.
Diane Hill at the Cashtown
Inn, Cashtown, PA. during
Gettysburg Investigation
Diane readies cameras at a
graveyard ghost hunt.
A light anomaly in a graveyard?
A midnight Cryptique Board session lures the
spirit of a nine year-old girl to the table at the
haunted Houghton Mansion in North Adams,    
Massachusetts. The spirit repeatedly pulled the
planchette off the board and onto the table.
Joseph standing before the dark
mouth of the great cave in St.
Martins, Canada, where he shot
the "The Cave Ghost Orbs".  How
many pirates died here?
Diane explores the woods in a
"scouting expedition" for
Ghost Hunters of Long Island.
Below, Diane investigates the
legends of Sweet Hollow Road,
stopping at this historic
building in Huntington, New
York to ask  some questions.
The Cave Ghost Orbs of St.
Martins, Canada. Do you see
anything else beside the orbs?
See picture of the orbs at
bottom of this page.
Bouctouche, New
Brunswick, Canada
The Paranormal Adventurers
with renowned investigator and
author Linda Zimmermann
Salem, Massachusetts
Joseph investigates the
remains of a fire in the
haunted woods of Sweet
Hollow Road, Melville, New
York. The remains of a ritual?
Books by The Paranormal Adventurers