The T.A.P.S. Ghost Hunt
Below - See video of Josh Mantello of
B.P.G. talk  about the spirit of a little
girl in the basement of the mansion.
"Tony believes that the more
experience a person has with
communicating with spirits, the
more other spirits may recognize
you" - Nicole Ardolino.
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Extrodinary EVP
Q.  Why do you think your
questions were answered
when so many other people's
questions were not?
A. "What I came up with is
that we were using a pendulum
when so many others weren't. I
believe that it's easier to ask
questions when you feel that
you're being answered, and the
pendulum is a tool that helps
people to do just that. It's also
very possible that those of us
together in the room had more
psychic energy that attracted
the spirits. I'm not saying for
sure that Tony or I are psychic,
because I'm really not sure
that's the case. I also want to
say that the next day, without
having Diane in our group and
without a pendulum, we didn't
have as much luck."

- Nicole Ardoliino
Spirit says: "Yes, I'm angry!"
The Reveal
by Joseph Flammer
Spirit says: "Take it back."
Some of the most extraordinary evidence
one gathers at a ghost investigation is one's
own personal experiences with the spirits.
Though the experiences are real and
undeniable to the people who experience
them, they are nonetheless personal, and
can't be shared with others except by telling
about the experiences with words.

However, sometimes ghost investigators
capture photographs, video or EVP that is
evidence of paranormal activity, and also
validation of one's own experiences.  

Such was the case for Nicole and Tony
Ardolino from
Northeastern Paranormal
Investigations (
N.E.P.I.). The couple
recorded EVP following questions asked by
Diane Hill of
The Paranormal Adventurers
while in the room believed to have been
John Widders'  bedroom on the third floor.
Diane was asking the questions and
receiving yes and no answers to her
question by holding a pendulum. She was
able to detect immediate answers by
watching which way the pendulum swung on
the thin chain. Diane held the end of the thin
chain in her fingers. The EVPs were
detected on the recordings afterwards by
the Ardonlinos.
Spirit says: "That's Josh."
Note: "Josh" may be a  
reference to Josh Mantello
of B.P.G. who was not in
the room at the time.
The Vanishing Little Girl Spirit
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Ghost Hunters Sean Coffey of Saugus, Massachusetts and Jay Chasse
of Walpole, New Hampshire.
The Basement Door that
Slammed Shut by Itself
Below - Video of Diane Hill of The
Paranormal Adventurers
talking to
Jason Hawes of
T.A.P.S. about a Quija
Board session in the mansion in 2005 in
which three out of the nine tables  
were in touch with the spirit of a little
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Does the circled area of the photo below show the shadowy image
of a person? Perhaps a little boy or girl?  This photo caught a lot of
attention at the
T.A.P.S. Ghost Hunt Reveal.
Do you see a face in the
photo below?
Jason's Photos
Probably the most extraordinary
photographs taken during the T.A.P.S.
Ghost Hunt at the Houghton Mansion
were taken by Jason Hawes of
This should not be thought of as
unexpected because Jason, Steve and
Grant have a lot of experience with the
spirits, and this translates into the spirits
being more communicative with them.

Among the photos taken by Jason was a
photo of a bright white "orb" that is not
round like most orbs shot by ghost
hunters, but is shaped like a fish hook
and appears smooth at the edges and
graceful in its lines. It was shot on a
stairwell leading up to the mansion's
third floor at about 11:00 at night on the
second night of the hunt. In the video to
the right Jason and Grant discuss the
picture during the Reveal the next day.
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The most unusual picture taken during the
weekend and shown at the Reveal on Sunday was a
picture Jason Hawes took in Mary Houghton's
bedroom on the second floor.

Though many of us who saw the picture originally
believed the photos captured an apparition -
because the person in the picture is either
transparent or translucent in different areas of the
body - it turned out to be the image of a person,
Jason Antaya from Westfield, Massachusetts, who
was on the ghost hunt with his wife, Anni Antaya.

What complicates the picture is that Jason Antaya,
who is standing, is shown in a mirror sitting down,
only a few feet away from his standing double.
That means there are two images of the same
person, one sitting, one standing. Meanwhile, there
are other people in the room in focus and there is
no blur of images from a slow shutter speed. Since
a digital camera was used to take the photo, the
photo could not be called a "double exposure."  

No one could adequately explain this phenomena,
though a few theories were put forth. For example,
Diane Hill of
The Paranormal Adventurers
suggested this could be a possible case of a
doppleganger," meaning a double of a living
person. Steve Gonsalves of T.A.P.S., meanwhile
suggested perhaps it was psychic phenomenon at
work. But in the end, no one had a conclusive

Jason Hawes said he shot the photo at normal  
shutter speed.

See video to the left.
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Below Watch two extraordinary videos of light anomalies at the Houghton Mansion caught
by Matt Haas of  the Long Island paranormal group
LIGHT Paranormal Research.

LIGHT Paranormal Research
In Matt Haas' video to the
right you will see two examples
of light anomalies caught on
video. The videos are shown at
normal speed and then are
slowed down to better
see the anomalies.  
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Evidence of Paranormal Activity
At the Houghton Mansion
The Reveal:
Nicole and Tony
A scream (not heard in the room).
Spirit says: "Get out, I'm serious."
The Ardolino EVPs
Captured in a Houghton Mansion bedroom
Tony Ardolino in Mary Houghton's
bedroom with voice recorder.
An Angry Spirit
And other tales from the basement
The Reveal
The Reveal
In the above audio file by
Sean Coffey and Jay Chasse
you will hear the mansion's
heavy basement door shut by
itself.  Remember, everyone
was trying to be reasonably
quiet in the dark to record
EVP and knew better than to
shut doors.

Just before the door shuts
you will hear Jay Chasse ask
the spirit, "Do you want to
play little games with us?"
Then you will hear the thick
wood door slam shut and
Sean Coffey ask, "What was
that?" Within seconds, Paul
Oleskiewicz of B.P.G. and
Grant Wilson of
find their way through the
dark to Jay and Sean.

You will hear Paul say, "The
door just just
slammed shut!"  

All present realized that no
human had shut that door.  
Grant investigates a door that shut on its own
The Haunted Basement
Cropped, lightened
and enlarged from
original photo at right
Photo by Jennifer Redfern
Photo by Jennifer Redfern
Original photo
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Photo by Jason Hawes
Photo by Jason Hawes
Matt Haas