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Are UFOs Visiting Long Island?
UFOs Over Long Island
Long Island's "silent alien invasion."
What is this in the sky
over Jones Beach?
Photo by Dan Marquardt, Sawgrass Productions
Photo by Dan Marquardt, Sawgrass Productions
Where are they from?
Are you being contacted by them?
What do they want?
Alien Abductions?
Missing Time?
Men In Black?
Exibit of Grays scouring the high desert terrain of Roswell, New
Mexico, where a spaceship allegedly crashed in the summer of
1947.  Long Island shares such an event in common with Roswell,
for according to many people, a spaceship was shot out of the sky
over Moriches Bay, Long Island in 1989; and another spaceship
allegedly crashed on at Southaven Park in Brookhaven, Long
Island in 1992.
Photo by permission of the Rpswell International UFO Museum & Research
Center, Roswell, New Mexico.
Are spaceships hiding in the ocean?
Satalite photo courtesty of NASA
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Read UFOs Over Long Island, New York and learn the truth of alien visits!
Roswell UFO Museum
New York MUFON Field Investigator
& Paranormal Reporter
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Program Name: UFOs! Everyone's Got A Story!
Presenter: Joseph Flammer

Program description: UFOs! Everyone's Got A Story!  is a multimedia presentation
based on Joseph Flammer’s 2015 book,
UFOs Over Long Island, New York and
his 2016 book,
UFOs Over America: Scariest Cases (both published by Schiffer
Topics include UFO sightings and  alien high strangeness, reported
abductions, UFO history, and theories about alien visitations. The program
highlights a lively question and answer discussion segment in which audience
members can share their own UFO experiences and points of view. To book a
program, call Joseph at 516-840-6654 or email at

Joseph will also be happy to sign copies of his new book or copies of his previous
three books about ghosts written with Ms. Diane Hill.  
Note: To book a ghost
program, please call Diane at 516-840-6654 or email at her at
2017 Presentation & Book Signing
                JOSEPH FLAMMER’s
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(Presentation and book signing) - UFOs Over Long Island)- Award winning reporter
Joseph Flammer, one half of the famous "
Paranormal Adventurers" duo, will discuss
investigations and research for his latest books,
UFOs Over Long Island. New York  
Schiffer: 2015) & UFOs Over America (Schiffer: 2016). Such topics include UFO
sightings and alien high strangeness in the skies over Long Island. This program
highlights lively discussion in which audience members share their own UFO
experiences. Joseph is a licensed
Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) Field Investigator.
Joseph Flammer
MUFON Field Investigator
& Paranormal Reporter
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Everyone's Got A Story!
Joseph Flammer
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