The Paranormal Adventurers
Newsday Video &Articles
Newsday John  Griffin
The Paranormal
featured on the cover of  
Newsday's   LI
section with an
three-page article!
The Paranormal Adventurers were
featured in
The Queens Tribune! A
reporter and photographer followed the
duo during an investigation of haunted
Fort Totten, Queens.
3 Days of Ghost Hunting With T.A.P.S.
The Paranormal Adventurers were
spotlighted in
The Suffolk Times on
October 26, 2006
Joseph Flammer and Diane Hill have written articles for the
leading paranormal magazines,
Haunted Times and Ghost!
"I've investigated many cemeteries at night. I even investigated
a cemetery at midnight in Salem, Massachusetts, home of the
witch trials, and was never as  frightened as I was as we drove
through the battlefield at Getttusburg" - Diane Hill
Pictured above with The Paranormal Adventurers are Bill
Brochu. Program Chairperson, and Mildred Johnston. Vice
President of the Farmingdale-Bethpage Historical Society.
Farmingdale Public Library
To the left is a library
poster announcing
appearance at the
Wantagh Public Library
in Wantagh, New York
The Farmingdale-Bethpage Historical Society invited The Paranormal Adventurers
to speak at their November 19th, 2006 meeting at the Farmingdale Public Library
in Farmingdale, New York. The Society was founded in 1964 and is dedicated to
preserving the area's rich history.
The Paranormal Adventurers not only have
articles written about them, they also write
articles for magazines and newspapers.  To
the right is one of the articles Joseph
Flammer and Diane Hill  wrote in 2005 for

Dan's Papers,
the premier magazine of
Long Island's East End. The article is
about a group's efforts to save an
abandoned lighthouse in East Hampton,
Long Island.
by Joseph Flammer
Lots of video and photos!
Now for Sale!!!
The Ghosts of Gettysburg

A 60 minute DVD by
The Paranormal Adventurers
Above and to the right - are a few of many
publicity posters libraries made up to announce
2006 appearances by
The Paranormal Adventurers
Our Investigation       
The TA.P.S. Ghost Hunt
Grant, Diane, Steve and Jason
The SciFi Channel
T.A.P.S. Ghost Hunters
Joseph and Steve
At the Haunted Houghton Mansion in Massachusetts
Part I  The Ghost Hunt

Diane and I agree: Jason, Grant and Steve of T.A.P.S. are
truly gentlemen and exemplary ghost hunters.
Jason and Joseph
The Haunted Basement
Grant investigates a door
that shut on its own
Search for a little girl 's spirit
The Bell Witch
Grant and Diane
There are other faces in this
picture that people see.
What do you see?
Investigators have to
spend countless hours
studying their photos if
they want to see what's
really in them. No photo
should be discounted
before a thorough
study. This picture is a
prime example.
North Fork Cemeteries
Photo by Joseph Flammer
Photo taken in front of the Nature
Preserve on Sweet Hollow Road in
Melville, New York.
Take  A Look
Do you see the man with
the large black hat and
the woman with her hand
to her mouth?

If you study the woman,
does she change into a
young girl with
outstretched arms?     
The Work of Studying Pictures
Grant and Joseph
Long Island Pirates
The Ghosts of
And Shipwrecks
Joseph Flammer & Diane Hill
online version summary
online version summary
Books by The Paranormal Adventurers
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