Lakeview Cemetery
Machpelah Cemetery
Pine Hollow Cemetery
Sweet Hollow Road
Finally! A real ghost hunter's guide to
finding ghosts on Long Island!
This book was written by  real ghost hunters, The
Paranormal Adventurers
, Joseph Flammer and Diane
Hill! Their stories are based on their own true experiences
and those of other top Long Island paranormal
investigators, including Karen Isaksen, Mike Salvia, Matt
Haas, Peggy Vetrano, Kathy Abrams, Chris and Cyndi
Philbin, Erica Popino, and others!
Unlike other books you may have read about ghosts on
Long Island,
Long Island's Most Haunted is a guide.  The
point of this book is to find paranormal activity leading to
ghosts! Where to go, what to look for, and what to watch
out for!
This book examines four haunted
Long Island locations in depth. If you
don't find paranormal activity at these
places, then you should get another
hobby! Learn what to look for and
how to make contact with the other
Haunted Places in the book
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