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Meet The Paranormal Adventurers
Description - Share true Long Island ghost stories and other spooky tales from
the grave with Long Island’s most famous pair of ghost hunters,
Paranormal Adventurers
, Joseph Flammer and Diane Hill.  Hear about their
real life investigations of spirits in haunted houses, graveyards, lighthouses and
even a haunted Long Island road! Learn what it takes to be a ghost hunter.
Photograph by Joseph Flammer
Ghosts, Spirits and a Witch...Oh, My!
Description - Follow The Paranormal Adventurers through movies and still photography
as they take their ghost investigations on the road!  

Share in their adventures on the battlefields at Gettysburg where ghosts are commonly
seen and heard.  Travel with
The Paranormal Adventurers to Adams, Tennessee to
explore the home of the Bell Witch Ghost, indisputably America’s most infamous and
dangerous entity!  It is the only recorded case where a spirit killed a man. It promised
to return in 107 years.

Hear other spooky tales including the tragic love story of the haunted Houghton Mansion in North Adams,
Massachusetts…considered the most haunted house in New

And there will be more ghostly tales from Long Island…home of
The Paranormal
The Bell Witch
The Haunted Houghton Mansion
So You Want To Be A Ghost Hunter?
Description -  Journey with Long Island’s most famous pair of ghost hunters and authors,
The Paranormal Adventurers, Joseph Flammer and Diane Hill, as they explore and investigate
Long Island graveyards and other haunted locations.

In their program, “So, You Want To Be A Ghost Hunter?” Flammer and Hill, authors of
Island’s Most Haunted: A Ghost Hunter’s Guide
and the newly released Long Island’s Most
Haunted Cemeteries
, reveal the different ways ghosts manifest in our world and how they can be

Through exciting video, still photography and voice recordings, The Paranormal Adventurers
offer evidence of ghostly phenomena.

Audience members are encouraged to share their personal paranormal experiences. This often
leads to electrifying discussions which audience members will not soon forget. Even skeptics
will find this journey into the world of the ghost hunter riveting.
Diane Hill
A Haunting Study of Ghosts
Description - Join The Paranormal Adventurers, Joseph Flammer and Diane
Hill, on a spooky  journey back through time to find ghosts. Learn how the
hauntings the Fox Sisters experienced in rural upstate New York influenced
Houdini and present day ghost hunters. Go along with them to a haunted
mansion in Massachusetts as they investigate with Jason, Grant and Steve of
T.A.P.S. from the hit SciFi Channel television show Ghost Hunters.  And of
course, there will be ghostly photographs and videos from haunted locations
across Long Island.
Grant Wilson of T.A.P.S.
The Ghosts of Sweet Hollow Road and Other Long Island Haunts
Description - Explore Long Island’s most visited
paranormal hot spot - Sweet Hollow Road - with Long
Island’s most famous pair of ghost hunters
Paranormal Adventurers
, Joseph Flammer and Diane
Hill. Unbury the dark legends of “Mary.” Could she
have been a victim of secret witch trials during the 17th
century on Long Island?  Investigate other ghostly Long
Island haunts through video and still photography. And
bring along your own ghost stories and pictures, too!
Photograph by Joseph Flammer
The Ghosts of Long Island Pirates and Shipwrecks
Description - In this program the ghosts of
Long Island pirates and shipwrecks take
center stage. Captain Kidd, Blackbeard  
and other pirates join the ghosts of
shipwrecks and maritime disasters. See the
graves of the men who froze to the rigging
of the Louis V. Place during a winter storm
off of Fire Island. Hear the story of the
General Slocum, the greatest disaster in
New York up till 9/11. Why has the
government turned North Brother Island in
the East River to a bird sanctuary? Are
they afraid of the ghosts there? And lots
Haunted Gettysburg
Restless Ghosts and Haunted Places
Description -  This program focuses on some of the most famous and extraordinary cases of ghost
hauntings ever recorded. We will examine the strange events people have witnessed over the
centuries – especially on Long Island - and examine how they apply to our lives today. What famous
ghosts does Long Island have? What places are really haunted on Long Island?
Description - This program focuses on the nature of
the "other side" and mankind's relationship with the
spirits. We will  discuss the nature of death and the
way in which cultures from the Ancient Sumerians to
modern day Long Islanders have communicated with
the spirits
. Changing gears, we also examine the  17th
century Long Island witchcraft trials on Long Island.
We will share stories of witches, such as Mary, whose
ghost is said to wander Long Island after she was
hanged in the woods, possibly during the American
Revolution. Who was she really?  We will be
discussing the ghosts of  the local graveyards, old
houses, and Long Island roads. Of course, there will
ghost stories shared by the members of the audience
as well!
Beyond the Grave - What's Out There?
Bell Witch Ghost author Pat Fitzhugh in Adams, Tennessee.
Photo by Joseph Flammer
Ghostly Encounters on Long Island
Description - Based on their second book, Long Island's Most Haunted Cemeteries, (Schiffer:
), The Paranormal Adventurers share some of their truly harrowing ghostly experiences in
Long Island's most haunted graveyards. These include Potter's Field Cemetery in Yaphank, where
the dead speak and chase the living during the witching hour! Through a multimedia presentation
Joseph Flammer and Diane Hill reveal the ghosts of graveyards from Queens to eastern Long
Island. The authors offer suggestions and information about how you can see them, too - if you
dare!  Bring along your copies of
Long Island’s Most Haunted: A Ghost Hunters Guide and Long
Island’s Most Haunted Cemeteries
for Long Island’s most famous pair of ghost hunters to sign!
****A  Halloween Special!****
Diane Hill receives the hand of a ghost.
The spirits come forth in a graveyard.
Close Encounters
Of The Paranormal Kind
Description - Follow famous authors and lecturers Joseph Flammer
and Diane Hill,
The Paranormal Adventurers, as they dare to venture
into Long Island’s most haunted places.
Haunted places come alive
with spirits in the night!
See what happens during the witching hour
when the veil between the two worlds is thinnest. See photos and
video of paranormal activity and hear the unquiet dead
communicating through EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon).  Join
us if you dare!
Diane Hill is surrounded by a paranormal
mist during the witching hour at Potter's
Field. Do you see faces in the mist?
A face on a log at Sweet
Hollow Road. Is this just a
coincidence or is this a way
the spirits express
themselves? Is the
sleight-of-hand of the
paranormal at work here?
Photo by Joseph Flammer
Photo by Joseph Flammer
Are these faces on the gravestone expressions of the dead at the
midnight hour? Is the witching hour real?
The Paranormal Adventurers offer nearly twenty different programs so you can pick
any one of the programs to be presented at your library or event.
The Paranormal
are prepared to deliver any one of these programs at your request. Book
two shows in one year and you get a reduced rate. Call 516-840-6654 for information.
Presenters:  The Paranormal Adventurers (Joseph Flammer and Diane Hill)

Equipment: The Paranormal Adventurers have all their own equipment, including a laptop, projector,
P.A. system, microphones and microphone stands, portable lecterns, lights, laser pointer and wires.
Nothing is needed from the library or clubs.

Experience: Presenting since 2005 at libraries and other venues such as historical societies,
Boy Scouts of America, colleges, community clubs and conferences.
The Paranormal Adventurers
Published in 2009
Published in 2010
Ghosts, Ghouls, and Monsters of Long Island
Based on Joseph Flammer and Diane Hill's upcoming book, Ghosts, Ghouls, and Monsters of Long Island
(Schiffer, spring: 2012), this program delves into the heart of the strangest paranormal activity on Long
Island,  including sightings of a mysterious black creature that reportedly wears a cape, a hood, and has the
ability to disappear at will.  Is this the strange being photographed in the woods of Mount Misery in Melville
in 1967?  Discussions of the Montauk Monster, Plum Island experiments, and of a hitchhiking ghoul of a local
graveyard are sure to make this an exciting program that will be talked about by Long Islanders for a long
time to come. Joseph Flammer and Diane Hill,
The Paranormal Adventurers, are Long Island's most famous
ghost hunters, authors, and lecturers of the paranormal.
The Long Island Devil Investigation
Long Island Love Stories From Beyond
This program centers around heartwarming true stories told by Long Islanders. Their real life
experiences taught them that the love of passed family members and friends never dies, that love
transcends even death.  How do our deceased loved ones contact us to let us know they are alright
where they have gone? Are coincidences and unlikely events actually messages from the "other
side," intended to validate that the ones we miss so much are actually are still around us? Joseph
Flammer and Diane Hill,
The Paranormal Adventurers, are Long Island's most famous ghost
hunters, authors, and lecturers of the paranormal.
Chasing Ghosts in Queens
Center stage in this program is filled with stories of the flying white ghosts of haunted old Fort
Totten, the deathly white phantom of Houdini's graveyard,  and the meandering crying spirits
of All Saints and Mount Olivet Cemeteries. Do you know that for every living person in Queens
there are three people buried in local cemeteries? Learn why this came to be. Joseph Flammer
and Diane Hill,
The Paranormal Adventurers, are Long Island's most famous ghost hunters,
authors, and lecturers of the paranormal.
To commemorate the 150th anniversary of the start of the Civil War.  This multimedia
presentation includes the reading of
The Story of James, an original Long Island story
written by Joseph Flammer of
The Paranormal Adventurers.
The Story of James is about nineteen-year old James Hyde. James is a tall potato farmer from
Bethpage who is engaged to be married to his beloved Miss Becky. He always sensed he would
die young. He didn't know it would come from a lucky shot fired from a confederate
sharpshooter's rife from four-hundred yards away, the projectile from which would rip
through him and end his life. The only thing he had wanted to do was to return home and get
married, maybe become a bayman on the east end, or raise potatoes like his pappy. He didn't
plan on dying in the hell that had busted loose on the farmlands of Gettysburg during the three
day battle of 1863.
Now James is the ghost of the Old Quaker Burying Ground in Farmingdale, a place where, in
real life, people have reported seeing the apparition of a Civil War soldier. The actual body of
James Hyde is buried beside two other Civil War soldiers in Bethpage Cemetery, one of the
three small graveyards strung together in the Old Quaker Burying Ground in Farmingdale.
Gettysburg - The Story of James
Business Information
Never before have Joseph Flammer and Diane Hill, The Paranormal Adventurers, spoken so
candidly about the entities people see at night in their homes, hotels rooms, campgrounds, parks,
and vacation cabins. Some appear as white mists floating in the hallway or as translucent figures
stalking the basement or crossing a back yard or street. Others look like black shadows walking
across bedrooms and living rooms in the middle of the night. Each case is different. What are
they? Where do they come from? What do they want? Join Long Island's most famous ghost
hunters, authors, and lecturers of the paranormal in a search for the meaning of these visitors in
the night. Be prepared to tell your own ghost stories!
Published in 2012
Ghost Programs
Contracts should be made out to: Joseph Flammer
Based on research for an upcoming book,  Long Island Ghost Stories,
Joseph Flammer and Diane Hill, The Paranormal Adventurers, return with hair-raising ghost
stories and bone-chilling evidence of spirits returning from the grave at haunted Long Island
locations.  Included in this spooky 90 minute multimedia presentation are tales based on local
folklore, including stories about the grave of Hatchet Mary, the witch of Sweet Hollow Road, the
headless horseman of Raynham Hall in Oyster Bay, the peeking ghosts at the windows of Teddy
Roosevelt's former home in Glen Head, Tony the ghost of the West Hempstead Railroad tracks,  
the ghoul of Potter's Field Cemetery in Yaphank, and much, much more!
This program is sure to draw lively audience participation. Bring your own ghost stories and  
share them with the audience - if you dare!
Long Island Ghost Stories
Appropriate for both Adult and Young Adult Library Programs!
Call Diane Hill at 516-840-6654 to Book a date for Fall 2016!
Published in 2015
Published in 2016
Telephone: 516-840-6654
A Classic Ghost Stories Program that is Always Popular