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Below - Picture taken at night in infrared of a group decending
the path into the Bell Witch Cave for a tour. Geologists discovered  
the cave runs fifteen to twenty miles underground. On the bluff
above the cave entrance is a documented ancient Indian burial
ground. Archaeologists determined the bodies of the Indians in the
graves in the burial ground are two to three thousand years old.
The Bell Witch Cave
The empty tomb in the ground inside
the Bell Witch Cave once held the
remains of a 12-year-old Native
American Indian girl who had been
shot dead - probably by the settlers of
the area in the 1700's. A road crew in
the 20th Century dug up the Indian
girl's body. Out of respect for the girl
the county sent the bones to the owner
of the former Bell property so the
body could be buried with her
ancestors in the burial ground on the
bluff above the Bell Witch Cave. The
body was placed in the tomb inside the

According to Chris Kirby, who with
her husband Walter are the current
owners of the property, “one by one"
the bones of the little girl were stolen
by visitors to the cave. She said many
of the rocks that people pocketed
while on tours inside the cave have
been returned to the Kirbys by the
people who took them. They returned
the rocks because bad luck befell them
once the rocks were removed and
brought home.
The cave has produced some very
strange photographs, some of
which include the appearance of
apparitions and unknown people
who were not in the camera's
viewfinder when the  photographs
were taken.
The Red River
Adams, TN
Above  - Tour guide and owner of the Bell Witch Cave, Chris Kirby,
wears an orb over her heart and is surrounded by orbs. The two small
bright lights in the pictures to the left of Chris are lights that have been
built into the walls of the cave. People who have reviewed this photo  
report that they see the outline of a bald-headed man-like creature  to
the right of Chris, on the extreme right of the photo: his body is
imprinted on the rock wall, it seems. The creature's head is about even
with Chris' upper arm. People also report the shape of a person to the
left of the picture, Others, meanwhile, report a variety of faces in the
picture. What do you see?
Adams, Tennessee
Inside the Bell
Witch Cave at   
Photo by Joseph Flammer
Pictured Below - In the heart of Adams, Tennessee,
Paranormal Adventurer Joseph Flammer stands with Pat
Fitzhugh, famed author of the book,
The Bell Witch: The Full
.  Fitzhugh, who lives near Adams, is actually a distant
descendant of John Bell through his mother.  It was John
Bell's family that was  terrorized by the Bell Witch, as
depicted in the movie,
An American Haunting.
The story of "Kate," the Bell
Witch of Adams, Tennessee is one
that is troubling on many levels.
On the first level, it is a frightening
tale because the Bell Witch Ghost is
the only ghost known to ever kill a
man. It killed John Bell of Adams in
1820 after torturing him for years
with bad health and psychological
On another level, the ghost is
terrifying because it could travel
anywhere it wanted, including
Europe, and it could time travel, too!
In addition, the entity could talk.
"The Spirit," or "Kate," as the Bell
family called the ghost, even sang
bawdy bar songs at John Bell's
After John Bell's death the spirit
said it would go away for seven
years, and it did. But when the seven
years were up, it returned to cause
more havoc in lives of the Bell family
Then it went away again. But before
it left the spirit promised to return in
107 years. One hundred and seven
years passed and the  1930's came
and went in Adams without major
troubles for the descendants of the
Or is there more to the story than
what we know?
Some people claim the Bell Witch is
still in Adams. Read
The Paranormal
' account of their four
day visit to Adams and watch their
videos and decide.
Photo by Joseph Flammer
Photo by Joseph Flammer
The Bell Cabin
The Bell
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