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Diane takes a ghost's hand!
Published 2012
Published 2010
Published 2009
Courtesy Newsday
Diane calls the spirit forth!
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Contact by phone: 516-840-6654
Pine Hollow Cemetery, Oyster Bay
St. George's Cemetery, Hempstead
Do you see the face of the entity stalking Diane Hill one night outside West Hills Nature Preserve on Sweet
Hollow Road?  Diane was standing in the road when Joseph Flammer photographed her. There was nothing
behind her except for floating ghosts. It was the same night Joseph's camera had been slapped out of his
hands three times and the ghost looming before him shouted "No!" The entity's long snout is often seen in
photos of manifesting spirits. The belief is that the snout is attached to the ground, giving the entity spirit
energy to manifest. Photos by Joseph Flammer.
The Northern State Parkway overpass
on Sweet Hollow Road, Melville.
Contact by phone: 516-840-6654
Released 2016
Released 2015
MUFON Field Investigator
Joseph Flammer
Contact by phone: 516-840-6654
Joseph Flammer
What is this in the sky over Jones Beach?
Photo by Dan Marquardt, Sawgrass Productions
Below - Read Some of the Magazine and Newspaper Articles
written by Joseph Flammer & Diane Hill over the years:
Released  2016
Released 2015
Long Island's Paranormal Ghost Investigators
Joseph Flammer & Diane Hill
Photo by Islip Bulletin
If you're serious about UFOs, get to the 13th Annual UFO Conference in April 2020
Joseph Flammer - with a little help from Diane Hill - will be speaking of cases in
his book  
UFOs Over America: Scariest Cases  and also leading a MUFON
Training Session for Field Investigators focusing on t ghosts and aliens. Sometimes
the lines are blurred!
See below!
Diane Hill captures an energy in
her hands at the Almshouse
Cemetery Yaphank
in October 2019.

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story and see photos!
Look at Diane Hill's hand in
the above photo. Her hand is
ablaze with energy she felt
from a grave.
See photo: A streak of
white light shoots from a
grave into the sky.
Diane Hill
What is causing Diane Hill's 's hands to
glow? While this was happening, Diane was
reporting feeling a strong energy pulsating
from grave 939 to her hands.
Notice a golden orb rising out of the top of the grave Diane is hold her hands above as an energy pulsates. Notice
how only her hands are out of focus in the photo as energy distorts the space around them.  During this time, Diane
called out to be photographed because she knew she was experiencing a paranormal energy from the grave. When
she moved away from the grave, the energy subsided. When she moved back, the energy returned. Diane is a Rieki
practitioner and an established "sensitive" and "empathic" -, as many people are - she will tell you. "The best tools
a ghost investigator has is his or her intuition and body's senses," she insists.
Lights photographed over Hicksville, LI  November 2, 2019

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